Join Us
If you're a flat pack company or an individual we invite you to apply
We are aiming to be the number choice of furniture assemblers within the United Kingdom and we'd like you to join us on the journey.
You increase your sales for free, and we improve our reach. We're better together. Visitors can book your services through our website and it's free for you. If you're a small company or an individual then we understand that admin, websites and branding are often costly and time consuming. With our alliance you get the benefit of customers who visit our website and who request a quote in your area. You'll be able to view details of the request and respond if you're interested.
The service is completely free to use
There are no joining fees and we don't take a cut from your wages
Our system works by charging customers a fee on top of what you charge and this is how we make our money. They visit the website and request a quote from you. All you need to then do is enter your quote on a spreadsheet, confirm your availability and then we will do all of the rest. If the customer books you'll be notified and your booking is confirmed.