This area is for approved fitters only
From 01/05/2017 in selected locations, new requests will be processed using the new procedure for quote requests. All other locations will change to the new procedure for processing quotes, organising and managing bookings. Further details will be communicated as and when your location changes. 

NEW! Once complete, feel free to send pictures to This will be used to promote your area only so you can give customers more confidence and a better social media presence. All photos with be accredited to yourself and will appear on the website as well as Facebook/Twitter. 
You can find an example quote email here which you can send to customers from your email. 

Current commission rate
Until further notice the commission rate is set below. This may vary and you'll always be advised when it changes. Usual rate is 20%**
10% (SALE)
Report booking
Please complete one entry only per booking within 24 hours of the booking being completed.

Current processing fee
When customers use the website for card payments, they are charged the rate below. Customer can avoid by paying cash/BACS
Pay commission
Pay commission by card or PayPal online with no payment fees or by BACS.

If at any time you need assistance please text 07944874935 or email