Basic IKEA assembly specification
PAX is fully customisable so it's important to let us know exactly what you have purchased 
IKEA PAX wardrobes are fully customisable. IKEA PAX can range from a small and simple 50CM wide wardrobe with just a clothes rail to a 600CM wide sliding system with an unlimited amount of interior fittings such as drawers. 

You must specify exactly what your PAX combination is. If you don't we will quote based on the specification below. It is your responsibility to provide us with the information that we require to provide a quote. 

When you contact us for a PAX quote we need to know the following:
The quantity and size of all frames
PAX is available in several sizes and many wardrobes include several frames. It is vital that you lost every frame and their size. 

Every interior fitting that you have and the exact quantities
Please be specific and avoid putting 'drawers'. If you fail to list the interior fittings we will assume that you have not more than one shelf per frame and not more than one rail per frame. 

The type of doors: hinged or sliding
Sliding doors take significantly longer to install and therefore will cost more. Therefore it is important that you list the doors. 

Soft closing devices
These take some time to install and therefore will cost slightly more. 

If you cannot provide any information we will provide a quote based on our basic IKEA pax specification as below. 
One 100*236CM frame
Hinged doors
One rail
One shelf 

Soft closing devices
Securing to the wall
Any other interior fitting that you have not disclosed when requesting a quote. 

That there is sufficient ceiling clearance and sufficient floor space to assemble the frame horizontally on the floor and to lift the frame into place. 

If we arrive and you have not adequately described your IKEA PAX solution 
You will be given the option or paying for the difference based on the full rate, be given the option of leaving any particular item(s) off or given the option of cancelling your booking at a .cost. of £50
Costs vary based on: 
Sliding doors
Please tell us exactly which as some are already constructed and some come in panels needing assembly.

Drawers, trouser rails, shoe organisers all take longer to install 

Soft closing devices
These take time to install and therefore will increase the price

Vertical assembly
If you don't have ceiling clearance or floor space to assemble horizontally it will require two fitters and will cost more 

Securing to the wall
Optional but recommended. This is not included in the price as it is not our policy to charge for services which customers may not want.