PAX assembly london
IKEA PAX Assembly
Stylish and flexible. We help you to make PAX your own and can assemble it nationwide. 
PAX wardrobes by IKEA allow you to create a unique clothes storage system to suit your style, needs and your bedroom. You can select from different frames, doors in interiors to suit your needs. 

1. Choose your frames
There are a wide choice of frames to suit your space and your needs. If you have a small space then fit more in ny opting for the 236CM high frames. You can also get a corner unit, slim 50CM frames and versatile 75CM frames. 
2. Choose your doors
Sliding doors, hinged or open? The choice is yours. There are a great selection of doors to suit your style. If you're short on floor space, go for the sliding doors or get a mirrored door instead of a having a separate mirror. 
3. Choose your interiors
You can get really creative on your interior fittings with PAX. There are so many options to choose from. Take a look at them at the store online. Our favourites are the pull out shoe storage, jewellery organiser and trouser rails.