Furniture dismantling
Taking your furniture to a new property or giving it to a friend? We can help. 
If you are getting new furniture, moving house or donating furniture then why not let us help? We can carefully dismantle furniture for you, preserving joints and fixtures to ensure that it can be rebuilt. 
About our furniture dismantling service
Getting new furniture does not mean saying goodbye to your old
Once you have finished using furniture it is a shame to just bin it. Maybe your want to move it to a new room, give it to a loved one or donate it to a charity shop. We can help. 

Help the environment 
Although a lot of flat pack furniture is made from sustainable products, recycling furniture is still a great way to reduce the impact on the planet. Recycling furniture reduces carbon emissions and reduces the need for raw materials. 

We are here to make your life easier
No matter what your requirements are we can help. Why not get an online quote? If you have any questions or specific requirements then please get in touch.