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At, we aim to be the best value furniture assembly service in the UK and Ireland. We work hard to keep our prices low whilst providing a great quality service. We continually monitor our competitors to ensure that our product and our prices are the best in the industry. Take a look at our analysis below where you can see how our competitors compare. Pricing include all of the extras which are often hidden. At we have clear prices so you'll always know how much it will cost. The prices below were checked 17/11/2013 using the company websites.
Screwdriver Flatpack
Screwdriver cover the UK are used by several large retailers in the UK. They use an hourly paid system and their prices include VAT. Screwdriver do not charge a callout fee or have any hidden extras.
   2 Hours  4 Hours
Screwdriver  £96  £184  £60  £120
Savings  £44  £64
Flatpack Construction
Another long standing company, Flatpack Construction operate throughout the UK and have very good coverage nationwide. Despite a very attractive hourly rate of just £20 per, Flatpack Construction charge a £25 booking fee and their prices do not include VAT. The prices below include these extras and you can see how much you save when you use
   2 Hours  4 Hours
Flatpack Construction  £78  £126  £60  £120
Savings  £18  £6
The Handy Squad
Operating in and around London, The Handy Squad have several celebrity testimonials, and a rockstar pricetag! The Handy Squad charge extra for evenings and weekends, a callout charge and VAT is extra. The prices below include all of these extras. have fully inclusive prices and there is no booking fee, callout charge, VAT or evening and weekend supplements.
 2 Hours  4 Hours
HandySquad  £102  £336  £60  £120
Savings  £44  £216

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With us the price we quote is the price you pay.
When comparing prices it is important to look at the total price you pay. Much like £1 plane tickets, you will find the price you pay for furniture assembly is a lot more than advertised when it comes to paying. When comparing companies, ensure that callout charges, VAT, evening and weekend supplements, booking fees and any other surcharges are included. At we are committed to providing great value but with clear and honest pricing. See more information on our clear pricing promise.