Enhanced Swindon services
Better availability, better prices for our customers in Swindon
Our service in Swindon is proving very popular but has been operated on limited days only meaning longer waits or you not getting your first choice of day for your appointment.
About our improvements in Swindon
We are pleased to announce that from 20/04/2015 our customers in Swindon will be able to benefit from our flat pack assembly Swindon seven days a week and will be operated by our Bristol based flat pack assemblers. Our flat pack assembly Swindon can now be booked seven days a week and on evenings and as with all of our services there are no surcharges for our IKEA assembly Swindon or any other furniture assembly Swindon. 
Serving the M4 corridor 
We now offer an enhanced service in  Bath, Chippenham, Swindon, Reading, Slough and Bristol. No matter where you are we can help.