Example Prices
A guide to how much it will cost
Below you can see a list of our most common items and how much we estimate that it will cost for each item to be assembled. It may cost more or less depending on how many extras your furniture has such as interior fittings and drawers. For the most accurate price please get a quote online or speak to one of us. Take a look at the items below for an estimate on how much it will cost. Please remember we have a minimum callout charge of £50 and these prices are an estimate only and these prices assume you are pre-paying or paying a deposit online. 

We charge for each frame and for each additional item such as doors and drawers. Extras are items such as interior rails or hooks. You get one free Extra per frame. If you have a modular system such as IKEA PAX you can calculate your price below. If you have a lot of items then you can email us your order form or invoice with all of the items on and we will get back to you with a quote.
Single   Double Sliding Drawer Extras
£25 £35 £30^ £5 £2
*We charge per frame. If you have a corner unit then this is an additional frame and you will need to pay the price for the frame. If you have a modular system such as IKEA PAX then several frames may be contained within one wardrobe. For example a 150CM wide unit will constitute two frames; 1*100CM wide frame and 1*50CM wide frame and will be charged as two frames. If in doubt please check your store receipt or contact us for an accurate quote.
^This is a supplement per sliding door which is charged in addition to the frame(s). 
We charge depending on the size of the bed and our prices are listed below. If your bed has drawers then there is a supplement per drawer. This is the price for the bed frame only. If you have a complex headboard or storage system, or an over bed table you will be required to pay a supplement.
Single     Double King Super Bunk Cot Drawers Theme* Lifting**
£25 £35  £45 £55 £70 £40 £5 £POA +£20
*Theme beds such as THUKA/STOMPA vary significantly. Please email us the details of the bed for a quote.
**This is a supplement for beds that have a lifting base with underbed storage as these take time to install.
Dressing tables and chairs
You can see our prices for dressing tables below. We charge per frame then then per drawer. Chairs can be assembled at an addition fee shown below.
Frame     Drawer Chair 
 £25 £5 £7.50
Bookcases and free standing bathroom cabinets
We charge per frame and all shelves are included in this price. If your bookcase has extras such as doors or drawers then you can see how much it will cost below.
 Frame    Door  Drawer
 £25  £10  £5
Dining tables and chairs
You can see our prices for dining furniture below. We charge more for extending tables are more complex than a fixed table and take longer to assemble.
Fixed     Extending Chair
 £25 £40 £7.50
Chest of drawers and gradenzas
You can see our prices for chest of drawers. We charge more for extending tables are more complex than a fixed table and take longer to assemble.
 Frame     Drawer Chair 
 £15 £5  £7.50