A great 2015, we thank you
Our busiest year yet. Here's some highlights 
When we first started assembling with just one fitter, we could never have imagined just how big things would get. We've met thousands of customers over the years and now receive more enquirers than every day than ever here. 
Some highlights in 2015

237 is the number of IKEA PAX sliding doors we have installed
200% is the increase in customer numbers we have experienced in Swindon
107 fitters are now active in our database
98% of our bookings were made online 
32% increase in bookings compared to 2014
£24.90 was the average hourly rate paid
23 fitters were added to our database this year to improve availability 
4.5 stars out of 5 was our Free Index rating based on customer reviews
£4.30 per booking is what we've reduced our prices by this year 
IKEA PAX is our most common item that we assemble
New Halingford wardrobe by Argos was the most popular non IKEA item that we assemble 
London was our busiest location accounting for more than half of all bookings

Saving you more 
By providing an enhanced online offering we will be reducing all of our future quotes with an average
saving of £2.50 

Coming in 2016
Lower prices 
Improved booking process 
We'll be getting our passport!