We can assemble furniture from any shop
No matter where your furniture is from, we would be glad to build it for you
There are thousands of different items of furniture on the market, and many different companies who can assemble them for you. We're glad that you're here with us today. 
More people than ever before are using us. We'll show you why
Everyday low prices
We have a smart approach to how we operate. We cut costs whilst never compromising on service. Get a great value online quote now. 

No weekend supplements & no evening supplements 
Unlike many, we don't charge any evening or weekend supplements. We know you're busy and can work around your schedule for no extra cost. 

No annoying fees and fixed quotes
When you get a quote it is exactly that, a quote. You'll always know exactly how much it will cost. There's no surprise bills and no worrying about the bill when you use hourly paid services. 
Get an online quote 
If you know what you're buying then please get an online quote. When you get an online quote we will include a £5 discount and we only ever offer sale prices on line. Operating online saves us money which in turn saves you money.