Great deals for students
If you're moving in to a new house share or halls, we can help
If university and collage is what it was like in our day, the last thing you want is to waste time assembling furniture. There are far more important and interesting things to be getting up to!

Share and save. Get together with a mate and you'll save money
If you have other people at your address then we can assemble both your furniture and theirs. As our fitters only have to make one trip it saves us money which in turn saves you money. Just be sure that all items will be available for us to assemble and that all items have been delivered to you. When you get a quote please just make it clear which items are for which person so that we can give a quote for both people, unless you would like to simply split the bill 50/50. 

Saving you more 
Just use the promo code EDU05 when you get an online quote and we will apply a 5% discount for all students.