Accept direct bookings
If you wish to accept direct bookings please read on
Soon, will switch to direct bookings. On this page you can find out more information about direct bookings. Direct bookings allow customers to call and email you direct to get a quote and arrange a booking. 

Why the change?
Due to the workload involved in processing bookings, delays are starting to occur and mistakes are being made. This leads to lost bookings, a poor customer experience. Direct bookings should lead to a better experience. 
How bookings will be made:
1) Customers will call or email you for a quote.
2) Advise that the booking has been made. 
3) Operate the booking and pay the commission for the job. 
Changes to commission:
1) Work out how much you would like to be paid. 
2) Add on 15% commission but multiplying what you want to earn by 1.15. 
3) Pay the commission on completion.