New lower prices
No gimmicks. No promos. Just everyday low prices
Our aim is to provide a great service at a price that everyone can afford. We are a low cost company and we don't have many of the frills that our competitors have. The good news is that we give you a choice and you only pay for what you use.  
A few changes to make you aware of
FLEX quotes are gone
Instead we will provide you with the guaranteed lowest price for our service. 

No sales or promotions
We won't be having any specific sales. Instead we are cutting costs to ensure we are providing the best value. We also allow individual fitters to run their own promotions so that you're always getting the best value. 

More than one quote
We allow our fitters to provide a quote on every quote request. By opening up more fitters to your area you get better value. 

Everyday low prices
Instead of shopping around and filling in the same details over and over again, just fill in our online form once and we will work with our team of over 100 fitters to bring you the best value.