Furniture assembly throughout the UK
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About our service 
We offer furniture assembly throughout the UK and we assemble furniture from all stores including IKEA. 

Our prices vary depending on what needs assembled. We will give you a fixed quote. No matter how long it takes it will not cost more than we say. 

When we provide a quote it will include the offer which saves you the most money. You must tell us if you wish to benefit from a specific offer. 

Follow the link above that says 'QUOTE'. If you're unable to complete the form or need any help please call one of the team on 02031433296.

How to pay
You can pay cash direct to your assembler on completion of the work. You can also pay by card online at Your fitter will be able to assist you. If someone else is paying they can do so at 

Email us
If you have any questions please email us

Speak to us
If at any time you need assistance call us and you won't be charged a telephone booking fee. Call us on 020331433296.