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How to cancel or reschedule or add/remove items for us to assemble?
Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to amend your booking. If you cancel earlier than 23:00 the day before we arrive please email office@buildmyflatpacks.com. If you cancel after this time you must contact your fitter direct. If you wish to change the items to be assembled then please let us know the full details and we will amend your quote or alternatively contact your fitter. A 20% surcharge is applied to all bookings which are cancelled later than 23:00 on the day before we are due to arrive.

How to pay
You can pay your fitter direct on completion of the work by cash. Should you wish to pay by credit card, debit card or Paypal, you must do so at buildmyflatpacks.com/pay and follow the on screen instructions. A fee may apply for online payments. 

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